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Each year Ready 2 Rope Ranch has what is known as "the branding." Really, it is a time to castrate the new roping cattle, eat, and rope. There are steaks for all, along with wonderful homemade side dishes and gobs of sinful desserts!! There are dummy ropings for the kids and an egg toss for all. The finale is a mixed switch-ender roping where everybody has to head two and heel two. The winners are determined by points, not time. There are no entry fees and many prizes are awarded, In short, it is a big party!!
The tradition started in Turlock, California, migrated to Santa Rosa, New Mexico, and ended up in Hico, Texas.
This year there were 92 teams in the Mixed Switch-Ender!! Also, this year Morning Star Ranch joined in the fun with their cattle and staff . Thanks to Ben Clements and Mike Qualls for the excellent job they do cutting the cattle.
Thanks to all the people who attend and make this such a memorable day!! Photographers over the years have included Miriam Qualls, Lori Belcher, and this year the world renowned Brenda Allen. Thanks to all of you!!

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